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“Each part better than the last”


Large size high speed 3D printers are just the beginning. We are building a complete next generation on demand manufacturing system, incorporating the latest in materials, software, and complementary hardware.

One of the biggest challenges and concerns facing 3D printing is part quality and consistency; ensuring that each part meets specifications and that each part printed is just like all the others.   This is a critical part of making 3D printing a viable option for producing final use and high function parts.

3D scanning, computer vision, and machine learning will power multiple automated feedback loops to continually improve part quality.   By using 3D scan data and machine learning we will not only be able to provide full dimensional certification of each part for the customer, but can also use that data to preemptively modify the part model before it is printed to account for warping.

Combining these capabilities with custom service/backend software will enable unprecedented ease-of-ordering, speed, and part quality.

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