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CF Nylon
Carbon Fiber Infused Nylon is our bread and butter material. It has a fantastic combination of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. It can also be very ductile or stiff depending on the design and variables like wall thickness.  CF Nylon offers a semi-smooth matte black finish that helps hides layer lines.
GF Nylon
Glass Fiber Infused Nylon is very similar to its CF cousin, but with a few small changes. It has better impact resistance than CFPA - if your parts are going to take some hits, this is a great material. It also won't interfere with RF signals like carbon fiber can. GFPA has a semi-rough black finish with a slight shine to it, often making it look more like the part was laser-sintered than printed out of filament.
ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is great alternative to ABS. It has almost all the same mechanical properties, plus it's UV stable, which means it is great for parts that will be installed outdoors. It also prints better than ABS, and has great impact resistance. It can be had in a variety of colors, and it prints with a shiny finish, which means that layer lines are much more visible.
Carbon Fiber Infused ASA is our go-to filament for prints that need the UV stability of ASA, but require even higher mechanical strength than ASA can offer. Because of the carbon fiber content, it is only offered in black, and it has a shiny but semi-smooth finish.
PCTG (Polyethylene Terephthalate-Glycol) is a great entry level material suitable for artistic objects and light-duty mechanical parts. It is available in many different colors, and prints with a shiny, smooth finish.
PLA is a low cost material suitable for form prototypes and very light uses.  While it is very stiff it is also very brittle.  It also softens at a low temperature relative to most other plastics.  It comes is a very wide range of colors and is great for printing very large models used for displays.

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