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“Making parts when they are needed, where they are needed”


The larger a part is, the higher the cost for shipping becomes.  By building a decentralized network of regional microfactories across the USA, we can print parts closer to our customers and reduce both shipping times and costs.

Local manufacturing also leads to more robust supply chains.  The events of the last couple of years have shown us all how fragile our current manufacturing & supply chains can be and how those problems can effect all sectors.   By using a local production model we will be able to help ensure our customers can get the parts & components they need, regardless of what might be happening on the other side of the planet.

On top of all this, local manufacturing using 3D printing has the added bonus of dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.  Case studies have shown as much as a 17x decrease in CO2 emissions by locally 3D printing a part, compared to traditional manufacturing & supply chains.  

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