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The drone industry has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, and one of the technologies that has been driving this growth is 3D printing.  We have already worked with drone companies and even saved Rizse $7000 in printing costs for just one of their large size drones.  You can check out the case study below covering the printing of over 30 components using CF Nylon 
3D printing offers huge benefits to the booming robotics industry.  Both for prototyping new equipment and production of final use parts.  This is especially true with our ability to print large size parts out of high strength materials like CF Nylon and ASA.  We have worked with multiple robotics companies providing substantial reductions in both their costs and lead times
We printed the entire frame of this robot in a 1/4th the time and for 1/4th the cost compared to others

$1,500 vs $7,000 and 1 week vs 1 month
Carbon Fiber Molds
We have printed over a dozen large size carbon fiber layup molds to date.  These were use by the 2022 and 2023 UT FSAE Electric teams to produce front and rear aerodynamic wings as well as a nosecone
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